City Engineer

The Engineering & Planning Department manages numerous Capital Improvement Projects throughout the city as well as providing thorough engineering review of all new developments within the city. These tasks are always accomplished with customer service in mind. The department’s staff strives to integrate community concern into each of the projects managed and reviewed.


The Engineering & Planning Department administers the design and construction of traffic control devices placed throughout the City. This includes, but is not limited to, stop signs, pavement markings, crosswalks, and school zone flashers. The Engineering Department continually evaluates each current and proposed intersection to determine the safest and most efficient mode of operation based on standards specified by the New York Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The Engineering Department continually evaluates known traffic, school, and pedestrian safety concerns within the City of Plattsburgh. When necessary, traffic control devices such as signs or pavement markings may be installed or modified. To report a traffic, school, or pedestrian safety concern, please contact the Engineering Department at 518-563-7730. To report an immediate traffic, school, or pedestrian safety emergency, please call 911.


The Engineering & Planning Department is committed to creating a high quality, sustainable community for citizens and businesses. We do this by planning, creating, managing, and applying the standards for development. The Engineering & Planning Department provides staff review and administers the City Planning Board, which regulates development within the City of Plattsburgh. The staff reviews plans for new development to ensure those plans comply with the City’s Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. These guidelines regulate land use, location of buildings and the kind of amenities (such as parking and landscaping) which must be included on the site plan. The Planning Board also reviews requests to zone or rezone a property.

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