The Finance Department handles collection of the following types of payments:


  • Real Property Taxes
  • Utility Services (water, sewer, electricity and refuse collection)
  • Parking Tickets

Payments can be made by mail at the address listed below for all of the above types of payments with your postmark date being honored as the payment receipt date or payments may be left in our Drop Box located on the south side of the Municipal Lighting Department building at 6 Miller Street, Plattsburgh, NY. Online payments are available by clicking here. Online payments can be taken in the form of an E-check debit to your bank account or by credit or debit card payment, each for an additional convenience fee.

Orders for activating or terminating utility services may be placed in person at our office or they can be placed on-line by clicking here.

Effective July 17, 2013:

The City can now accept VISA for payments.  VISA is now processing payments for public charges of utilities and property taxes agreeing to a convenience fee pass-through charge to customers.

2017 Budget

Please view the 2017 Adopted Budget here.

Current Tax Rate

The City’s 2017 tax rate is $11.664253 per $1,000 of assessed valuation.

Independent Audit Reports

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