2018-21, 424 Margaret Street Site Plan Review

A. Short Form SEQR.
B. REVISED SKETCH SITE PLAN REVIEW: Request to demolish existing McDonald’s restaurant and reconstruct a new McDonald’s restaurant with a dual lane drive-thru. Additional site improvements to include new parking, trash enclosure, utilities, lighting, and landscaping. APPLICANT: McDonald’s USA, LLC. PLAN PREPARER: Bohler Engineering.


2019-01; 90 Cumberland Avenue

A. Long Form SEQR: SEQRA review only of project involving construction of a Small Boat Marina at Wilcox Dock consisting of docking and anchoring for 28 boats of 26' in length or less. Project includes paving of 3,100 sq. ft. of the existing Healthy Lung Trail. APPLICANT: City of Plattsburgh.  PLAN PREPARER:  Andrew Durrin, Engineering Technician, DPW.