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April 1, 2020


The Mayor of the City of Plattsburgh renewed his Emergency Order for another five days. In the order, he took the advice of experts at the Clinton County Health Department and is imposing the following standards to ensure people can continue to take care of all their essential needs, but without risking others.

He has imposed a night time curfew on all non-essential and unnecessary activities beyond our needs for sustenance, employment, education, worship, volunteerism and civic engagement, exercise, and caring for family or those who need assistance.

He has restricted access to playground equipment and group sports in city parks and property, as the Governor has likewise imposed in New York City and in state parks. However, he encourages the use of parks for exercise and fresh air, but asks people get outdoors in ones, twos, or households and families. In doing so, the city is discouraging the transmission of COVID-19 between households and is protecting our children from possible infections from playground equipment that cannot be regularly sanitized.

He is asking that people consider and practice wearing a fabric mask or similar barrier such as a scarf or bandanna while in public, as suggested by Dr. Fauci, the president's adviser on the spread of the Coronavirus.

The City of Plattsburgh has been receiving numerous complaints from a concerned public about some who are flaunting the Governor's Order 220.10 which states that “Non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason are canceled or postponed at this time."

Mayor Read has instructed the City Police "to use this opportunity not to penalize those who do not quite understand the seriousness of this pandemic, but to educate them regarding the need for us all to protect the most vulnerable among us. Hopefully this will give them a tool to ensure that, for the next five very critical days, we can really restrict our activities and slow the rate of acceleration of infections in our region."

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