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Posted on: March 16, 2020


ity of Plattsburgh

County of Clinton

                                        State of New York




    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to New York Executive Law Article 2-B and Section 24 thereof, and by reason of a disaster, catastrophe or similar public emergency within the territorial limits of City of Plattsburgh which imperils public safety, personal and public property, namely a highly contagious communicable infection known as COVID-19 which can be transmitted through human-to-human interaction, a LOCAL STATE OF EMERGENCY is hereby proclaimed, declared, and extended to exist in the City of Plattsburgh effective as of 8:00 a.m., Monday, March 16, 2020.  This state of emergency shall continue for a period of thirty (30) days unless it is either sooner terminated by a declaration that the state of emergency no longer exists or the state of emergency is extended.


    IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that during the period of the state of emergency and in order to protect life and property and to bring the emergency situation under control:


The Mayor of the City of Plattsburgh has ordered that:


    Consistent with the best advice from the Centers for Disease Control regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, no groups larger than twenty people shall assemble together in any City office building or City-owned indoor public space unless adequate Centers for Disease Control-recommended social-distancing spacing of two meters between participants can be maintained.  The City of Plattsburgh and its customers shall use technologies such as email, the postal service, telephone, fillable pdf document exchange, online billpay, drop-boxes, YouTube and Skype meetings, and other technologies to allow the minimization of the rate of Coronavirus infection. 


    The City of Plattsburgh Public Library Board has closed the library. The City of Plattsburgh shall close the Crete Center and Recreation Center. 


Meetings of our employees, departments, Common Council, and various committees and boards shall continue the City of Plattsburgh’s standard practice to Internet-broadcast all public meetings whenever practicable.  Face-to-face meetings shall remain open, albeit with a directive to maintain social distancing, but shall in no event include assembly of more than that recommended under Centers for Disease Control guidelines. Every effort will be made to use videoconferencing facilities to accommodate staff,  members, or participants, and through video transmission for observers who cannot attend meetings due to health concerns. Any members of the public who wish to comment to these boards or committees are encouraged to submit their comments by noon of the day of the public meeting to the email address Participants who cannot observe a meeting by electronic means can observe meetings from adjacent viewing locations, if available. If consistent with board policy, those witnessing a meeting in an adjacent room may be invited sequentially to join the live meeting to respond to board questions or make oral submissions or public comments as appropriate, to the extent that safe social distancing can be maintained. 


    Department Heads and staff shall develop protocols to minimize face-to-face interactions with the public and staff and to preserve social distancing. The City of Plattsburgh will endeavor to meet any special needs for face-to-face interactions between staff and the public. Waiting rooms or hallways will be used to ensure those members of the public waiting to meet with staff can maintain the minimum advised two meter of social spacing to ensure that only a minimum designated number of members of the public access offices and confined spaces at a given time. 


    Direct cleaning/disinfectant protocol for all public facilities will be employed daily, and all staff are instructed to wash their hands frequently for at least twenty seconds using soap and water or approved liquid, and shall avoid touching their face. 


    Emergency first responders shall develop protocols and standard operating procedures to protect themselves and the public, and shall work with the hospital to ensure consistent procedures. 


    All non-essential interaction with nursing homes, extended care homes, group homes, houses of worship, and other areas of concentrated public attendance should be avoided. 


    Any other public event using City of Plattsburgh facilities that can be suspended and rescheduled shall do so. Those events that are not suspended shall make reasonable efforts to maintain minimum social separation. 


    The City of Plattsburgh recommends that all organizations and enterprises within the City of Plattsburgh boundaries provide accommodations of adequate social distancing for its residents, participants, clients, and customers. The City of Plattsburgh further recommends to all entities within our boundaries that all human contact be conducted as described herein for city personnel and participants. 



This Order shall take effect immediately (March 16, 2020, 8:00 a.m.) and shall remain in effect for five (5) days unless rescinded earlier by the Mayor.  This Order may be renewed in five (5) day increments. Failure to obey this order is a criminal offense, punishable by law under New York State Executive Law paragraph 24(5). 

This proclamation and order signed this 16th day of March, 2020

                                                    Colin Read, Mayor - City of Plattsburgh

Witnessed by:   Sylvia Parrotte, City Clerk

Cc:    Office of the City Clerk

    Office of the County Clerk

    Office of the Secretary of State

    Clinton County Office of Emergency Services

State of Emergency - March 16, 2020
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