City of Plattsburgh Climate Action information

While our planet is at a crossroads, national institutions accomplish little to ensure the sustained prosperity for our children that we ourselves enjoyed. We can do something locally by viewing concern about our carbon footprint, efficiency in our energy consumption, accessibility to affordable sustenance locally, and improvements in our commuting infrastructure not as luxuries but as necessities for our city’s sustainability. We must also accommodate residents who are renters or are on fixed incomes, and may not have long leases or access to credit to take advantage of returns on investment. Likewise, landlords may not invest if they don’t pay tenants' electric bills. With these in mind, I propose voluntary measures that are incentive-driven, rely on human initiative and entrepreneurship, and save the city and its residents money, generate jobs, and encourage environmental and economic resiliency without threatening financial sustainability. Please check out the 58 Point Plan for Energy and Economic Resiliency