Final LWRP and Comprehensive Plan & Zoning Updates

Project Update:

On May 6th, the project committee held a meeting to review the draft 2016 LWRP and identify various sections that require updating. 

Project Summary

The City identified multiple projects during the Downtown Revitalization Initiative process, but not all projects were awarded as priority projects. Three such projects include: finalizing the LWRP, updating the Comprehensive Plan, and updating the Zoning Ordinance. Completion of these projects will leverage the sustainability and community revitalization efforts currently being undertaken by the City.

A draft LWRP was completed in 2016 with four goals: increase public awareness and accessibility to the Lake Champlain and Saranac River waterfronts, capitalize on the economic development/downtown revitalization potential of the waterfront, address ways to accommodate increasing public demand for recreational resources, and explore ways to work regionally to develop and enhance linkages to the rest of the Adirondack Coast. The draft LWRP addressed these goals and identified key priority projects, zoning refinements, and local laws to guide the planning process. Finalizing the LWRP will ensure the City of Plattsburgh is able to secure the vision of the community’s long term goals by capitalizing on all of our assets through waterfront planning and development. The consultant will be required to revise the draft LWRP and coordinate with DOS to fulfill all required mandatory public meeting, review, and compliance requirements.

A Comprehensive Plan for the City was completed in 1999 to determine the needs of the City and identify any issues and development goals. Although a number of goals remain the same including: strengthening neighborhoods, promoting revitalization, protecting natural resources, and promoting recreation and tourism, the City’s vision has changed. The City’s vision to be an inclusive vibrant downtown steeped in history and culture with vibrant mixed use, walkable neighborhoods and abundant affordable housing is the drive behind the Comprehensive Plan update.

The City of Plattsburgh Zoning Ordinance has been developed to promote orderly, economical and desirable development in the community and to protect and enhance the value of property and life in the City. The City’s Zoning Ordinance has seen numerous updates over the years to accommodate the changing goals and vision for the City and once again downtown revitalization has created a need to review and refine development code.

All three of these projects align with the City’s goals to revitalize downtown and protect our assets through smart growth.

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