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1. Can I get a background check for employment?
2. Dude…where’s my car?
3. Where can I get an appeal form for a parking ticket?
4. How do I find my parking ticket number?
5. How do I know how much my parking ticket fine is?
6. How do I pay a parking ticket?
7. How do I appeal a traffic ticket?
8. How do I find out about the Snow Ban policy?
9. How do I get a copy of my Accident Report (MV-104)?
10. How do I get my car seat checked?
11. How do I get my fingerprints done?
12. How do I postpone my court date?
13. How do I request copies of records? And when can I expect them released?
14. How do I request police assistance for my city event?
15. Where can I check lost and found?
16. Where can I drop off prescription drugs?