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    Please return completed application form and any additional paperwork to:
    Mayor's Office
    41 City Hall Place
    Plattsburgh, NY 12901
    Phone (518) 563-7701 or fax (518) 561-7367

    Applications and additional paperwork can be submitted electronically or applicant can mail completed application and additional paperwork to the address above. If submitting additional paperwork electronically please click on the link below. PLEASE BE ADVISED that all required paperwork, such as certificate of insurance, alcohol permit from NYSLA, Clinton County health department permits, worker's compensation, etc., must be submitted WITH application. Any application that does not include such supporting documentation will be returned. Due to COVID 19 please be sure all PAUSE NY requirements are being followed. Also, effective 05-28-2020 the Common Council adopted the following: Any individual who is over age two and able to medically tolerate a face-covering shall be required to cover their nose and mouth with a mask or cloth face-covering when in any City of Plattsburgh Building. This will be in effect until PAUSE NY or other health directives no longer recommend or require face-coverings.


    If this request is to hold a "small event" please read the information below. If your event qualifies as a "small event" complete Section A of this application, scroll to bottom of page, Section C, complete applicants signature area and hit submit. If you do not qualify as a "small event" complete application in its entirety.


    Small events is defined herein as an event which does not involve a request to close a street or parking space; a parade; or to use, consume or serve alcohol on City property. Similarly a "Small Event" shall not require substantial use of electricity, or other City resources, including Police and DPW personnel.
    *****Street Solicitations require Common Council Approval and are not considered a "Small Event" *****


  6. Location of Event Site:

  7. If the request is for the use of Auditorium/Rotunda, and you are an individual or a for-profit organization, please describe how the event is for a public benefit, and which non-profit civic group the event profits will be forwarded to, including contact information for that non-profit civic group.

  8. List of City Parks

  9. If requesting use of electricity or water a fee may apply.

  10. Will there be food or beverage served at this event?

  11. If yes please be aware proper permits will be required. If alcohol is served this no longer qualifies as a small event and Common Council approval will be required.

  12. ***Reminder if this qualifies as "small event" please scroll to bottom of page and hit submit.

    For all other events complete remaining fields.

  13. SECTION B:

  14. Type of Event:

  15. Is your group a non-profit/charitable organization?


  17. Power Required?

    If requesting use of electricity a fee will apply.

  18. Water Required?

    If requesting use of water a fee will apply.

  19. Trailer Stage Required?

    Event organizer responsible for pick up/return of stage.

  20. Firework

  21. Sanitation Facilities?

    Event organizer responsible for providing sanitation facilities (portopottys)

  22. Vendors?

  23. In accordance with the City's recycling policy, any events organized in public spaces need to appoint a recycling coordinator. The recycling coordinator for the event shall be designated to work with DPW about the location of waste and recycling bins. The coordinator shall organize volunteers to direct the public in the use of these bins. Please indicate the contact for the recycling coordinator for this event.

  24. Alcohol?

    Applicant is responsible for obtaining applicable Liquor License.

  25. By signing you acknowledge that you have read, understand and will comply with the City of Plattsburgh Municipal Alcohol Policy.
    ***Typing in name/submitting is same as a signature.***


  27. Does your event require road closures?



    All sections MUST be completed before an event will be approved or and event permit issued.

  30. First Name, Last Name

  31. First Name, Last Name

  32. The City Police Department will not provide security for events. Will your event require security, if so please describe how you will secure the event venue. If no security required simply note such.

  33. Who is responsible for first aid at your event, please identify their location? What training will you provide to your volunteers/staff/participants regarding emegencies? How will you evacuate the area in the case of an emergency/disaster? Location of exits?

  34. If you plan on having tents at your event, please list all sizes.


    Please submit the documents mentioned above (if applicable)with your event application. Once all required forms are received your event will be presented to Common Council for approval/disapproval.

  36. SECTION C:

  37. By signing, you do hereby hold and save harmless and agree to indemnify the City of Plattsburgh and its elected officials, directors, officers, employees, servants, agents, contractors and their respective heirs, executors, successors with respect to any and all actions, debts, suits, demands, costs, damages and expenses whatsoever arising either directly or indirectly as a result of the rental/use of the facility/park.
    ***Typing in name/submitting is same as a signature.***

  38. I have read and understand the Municipal Events Procedures and I will abide by all guidelines therein.
    ***Typing in name/submitting is same as a signature.***

  39. ***NOTE: Applications for small events should be submitted 10 days in advance of event. All other events require submission 45 days in advance of event.***

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