Downtown Parking Permits

City of Plattsburgh Trial Parking Permits

The Common Council recently approved a trial period for parking permits for the downtown core. For $3 dollars, any employee, resident, or visitor can purchase a City parking permit valid for one day from the Finance Department. The goal of the trial is for the City to offer the ability for anyone who desires a parking permit to park on-street longer than the parking signage allows for a day. It also allows the City to gather demand data and to determine the administrative impacts before any future parking permit system is put in place.

Parking Permit Regulations

  • Non-commercial vehicles with a valid, conspicuously displayed City Parking Permit on the dashboard, may park in any time-limit on-street parking spot, which allows parking for 60 minutes or more, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Such City Parking Permit shall be valid for the date issued.
  • City Parking Permits do not exempt the permit holder from any parking restrictions other than 60 minutes or more on-street parking time restrictions. Permit holders must obey the signage for all other restrictions, including a snow-emergency parking ban.
  • City Parking Permits must be filled out with either pen or marker. Writing must be legible.
  • Parking Permits are only valid during this trial period. While the trial period is set at the discretion of the Common Council, they hold the right to end the trial period. However, public notice will be made available before a decision will be made.
  • Any attempt to use an invalid City Parking Permit will result in an automatic ticket for a parking time limit violation, with the associated fees set in the City Code.
  • Any attempted forgery is subject to punishment by the furthest extent of the law.


  • City Parking Permits will cost $3 per daily permit, and may be purchased through the Finance Department in a format and via procedures established by the Office of Community Development. Each City Parking Permit shall include the valid date and the license plate number of the vehicle. 
  • City Parking Permits can be purchased by cash or credit / debit, usual associated fees apply.
  • No reselling of City Parking Permits is allowed, however any individual or entity can purchase as many City Parking Permits as they would like and distribute how they see fit. All rules and regulations regarding the City Parking Permits still apply.
  • City Parking Permits are not transferrable, only one license plate and date per City Parking Permit.
  • City Parking Permits are non-refundable, and as previously stated only valid during the trial parking period, so please be aware the Common Council can end the trial period at their discretion.