Environmental Services

Water Resource Recovery Facility

The Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF)was built in 1973. It is rated for 16 million gallons of wastewater per day and provides a variety of physical, biological, and chemical treatment to ensure protection of the Saranac River and Lake Champlain. Present initiatives include:

  • Evaluation of enhanced phosphorus removal.
  • Development of a combined sewer overflow long term control plan.
  • Repair of aging concrete.
  • Replacement of aging roofs.

The facility also provides service to other municipalities and private parties through a comprehensive hauled waste program.

Water Filtration Plant

The Water Filtration Plant (WFP) was built in 1936 and expanded in 1956. It is rated for 9 million gallons per day and provides physical and chemical cleaning and disinfection of water prior to distribution for use. Fluoride is also added for tooth health. Present initiatives include:

  • The construction of new covered water storage tanks.
  • The repair of the 1956 filter building addition.
  • The evaluation of the facility’s ability to meet future regulations through intensive analyses of disinfection byproducts in the distribution system analyses and of e coli and cryptosporidium in the raw reservoir water.

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