The City of Plattsburgh takes great pride in its resources. Residents of the city are provided with professional services every day such as clean streets, fresh drinking water, and courteous and responsive emergency units.

For further information please click on the department of your choice. In addition, there are forms and contact information as well as links on each department page.

  1. Building Inspector

    The Building Inspector's Office's responsibilities consist of Administrative and Enforcement authority for Building Construction and Renovation, Land Development, Zoning, Fire Prevention, Property Maintenance, Contractor Registration and Insurance, Street Access and Utility Permits, Sign Permits, and Flood Plain and Housing Inspections.

  2. City Assessor

    The Assessor is the local official who estimates the value of real property within the City boundaries.

  3. City Clerk

    Find information in regards to the City Clerk's duties are.

  4. City Court

    Find information in regards to the 4th Judicial District Court.

  5. City Historian

    Find information in regards to Plattsburgh history.

  6. Community Development

    Working shoulder to shoulder with other community organizations, we strive to create economic opportunities, improve housing conditions and enhance amenities for the city’s residents

  7. Environmental Services

    Environmental Manager Jonathan P. Ruff, P.E., leads the City Environmental Services Department which provides drinking water and wastewater treatment through the City’s Water Pollution Control Plant and the Water Filtration Plant.

  8. Finance

    Find information on how to pay your bills and yearly budgets.

  9. Fire Department


  10. Human Resources


  11. Municipal Lighting Department

    Plattsburgh Municipal Lighting Department is composed of 26 employees. Aside from major projects, PMLD keeps busy by fixing power outages, repairing old lines, removing fallen trees, updating electrical sources in order to be more power efficient etc.

  12. Plattsburgh Public Library


  13. Police Department

    Read about the Police Department and find information about public safety and reporting crime.

  14. Public Works

    The City of Plattsburgh Department of Public Works has an endeavor to maintain a quality of life for the citizens of the city.

  15. Voter Districts

    The city of Plattsburgh is divided into 6 wards with 16 districts.