City reminds drivers to watch out for Pedestrians

(PLATTSBURGH, NY - April 20th 2022) - Warmer temperatures and sunny weather means more pedestrians crossing the roads. The City of Plattsburgh would like to remind drivers to give pedestrians the right of way at crosswalks as police will be taking a zero tolerance approach to crosswalk safety.

In 2021, there were thirteen pedestrian related accidents reported in the City of Plattsburgh and six pedestrian related injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. The Plattsburgh City Police will be taking a zero tolerance approach to enforcing pedestrian crossings. The fine and penalty for failing to yield right of way to a pedestrian can be up to $150 dollars and 3 points. Speeding in school zones can warrant a ticket up to $1,200 and 11 points while speeding on any street or road can be a $600 ticket and 11 points.

The City urges drivers to remember to slow down, and be especially cautious in Downtown Plattsburgh and in school zones. Driving a few miles over the speed limit might not feel like a big deal, but if you collide with a pedestrian, it can be the difference between life and death. The chances of a pedestrian surviving a crash rapidly decrease when the vehicle speed is above 30 mph. Slower speeds save lives.